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    Who I Am

    I'm Jiri, a person with a passion to photography.

    Since my childhood I have had a positive relationship to photography. My father was an amateur photographer and I used to help him with developing black&white films and photos. I also learned a lot about composition of photography, aperture, focusing, exposure and other photography terms.

    Over the years, I myself started taking pictures. At first, there were photos from the school events and holidays. Later, when I got married and I have my own family, there are family events and family vacations. Finally, I use to take pictures of the places I live in and which I visit.

    As a pensioner I spend much more time photographing.

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    Contact Address

    Jiri Lukavec

    Stoska 87
    04425 Medzev
    Telephone: +421 948871405
    E-mail: mail@jirilukavec.com